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Technology Management

  • The head of technology is a critical role in any business, however, not every organization warrants this as full time role
  • Businesses may not be able to afford a full time resource
  • There may not be a need for a dedicated resource at a senior level
  • Businesses in transition may need temporary assistance
  • Our engagements range from short-term full-time or on-demand assignments to longer-term management or consulting arrangements. Examples include:
    • A temporary fulfilment of this critical role within your organization on a contract basis, until a suitable full-time employee can be located, hired and trained to take over
    • Provide a “second opinion” or “sounding board” that provides ongoing experience, objective insights and advice
    • Build a team, sourcing, interviewing and recruiting the right candidates as well integrating them with the organization through training to ensure they are immediately productive
    • Assist on a periodic basis, to update or “tune-up” your strategy and plans, and consult with you on a deal-specific basis; including merger or acquisition planning, strategic investment evaluation or other business critical decision points
    • Assist with the transition to new and innovative frameworks that support current and future demands of the business