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  • Boots Alliance – Memotext.

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  • GPX – Dynamic Tire

  • Procura Systems

  • Transcard Financial Systems DR

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  • Toronto, Canada

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  • 172 Location in US, Leads UK, Toronto Canada

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  • Toronto Canada, Boston USA, Shenzhen China

  • New York, USA, Melbourne / Sydney Australia

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I’ve used Alex and the Halex Team on a number of projects ranging from developing architecture to conducting technology audits. He’s an excellent project manager with deep knowledge in a variety of programming languages and environments. He’s also a straight shooter who’s not afraid to speak his mind. It’s rare to find a vendor who’s as honest and direct as Alex is. I highly recommend him.”
Patrick Marshall, Managing Director, VRG Capital

Alex quickly developed a process for assessing where we were actually at with the current vendor. He then developed an action plan that was both sensible and cost-effective. I was so impressed with both his analytical and implementation skills that I prevailed upon Alex to join the Company on a relatively full-time basis! I always had confidence in Alex’s analysis and approach, and his ability to translate ideas into effective action.

Jeremy Freedman, Former President & CEO, Gluskin Sheff & Associates

Beyond his expertise in IT hosting and application/system support, Alex invests time to understand his client’s business. That way, he is able to translate your needs into IT terms without a lot technical terminology getting in the way. Alex clearly understands his role is to maximize investments in IT to support the business strategy.

Thomas Corcoran, Chairman, NexgenRx