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Halex provides a superior co-location service from state of the art 151 Front Street – home to more than 150 telecommunications companies and is one of North America’s most connected buildings with 9 unique fibre-optic networks, 25 diverse entrances, and more than 7,000 strands of fibre.


151 Front is at the heart of every major providers network. Home in some way to all facilities based telecommunications carriers in Canada, 151 Front boasts unparalleled network connectivity. With over 25 fibre optic entrances into 151 Front, network diversity and business continuity are ensured.


On-site uniformed security man the premises and surrounding area 24/7/365 as well as a customized security system and protocol. This system is a configurable point monitoring and access control system providing powerful means of monitoring building security devices and systems such as card readers, alarm management, recording of data and comprehensive reporting capabilities as well as a photo identification system. Incorporated into this system are optical turnstiles, which provide a second level of security at the main entrance. There are over 50 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras located through-out the building, monitoring areas such as mechanical areas, tenant floor, loading dock and high security areas such as the Meet-Me-Room and hydro vault. This system is adaptable in that tenants can have their own proprietary security systems working in conjunction with the building security. Access to all high security areas, such as the Meet-Me-Room and Riser Systems required a building chaperone to monitor all personnel.


A reliable source of primary power is of paramount importance to the 24/7/365 operation at Data-Vault.ca. Ensuring a reliable power supply from the local substation proved to be an expensive, but necessary venture. In 2001, two new 4000/5000KVA transformers were added to ensure the reliability of 151 Front’s power supply. These transformers are fed by dual underground 13.8 Kv feeder lines from the local substation. At the utility end, reliability is further enhanced by a substation design that uses two double winding transformers to supply a double breaker, double bus configuration. With power supply being such a critical element of our concerns, it offers peace of mind to know that our supplier takes as much responsibility for adding redundancy into their supply as we do. At additional expense, we removed all other users from the main building feeders, thus mitigating the risk of failure that other properties could impact on our power supply.